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Conditions That May Lead to the Need for a Child's Hip to Be Replaced

Very few things terrify parents more than hearing their child has cancer. However, it isn't comforting to learn that the child may need major surgery either, such as when a joint needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, this situation does arise in many families, and parents need to know where to turn for help. Following are some conditions where a joint replacement may be called for.


While adults typically suffer from osteoarthritis, children may develop this condition as a result of a genetic mutation or disease. Often, the bone is not stable or it suffers from a malformation that leads to symptoms of this condition appearing. Furthermore, an injury can lead to the condition being seen, and children who are obese find their joints undergo more wear and tear. As a result, they are more likely to be diagnosed with conditions that were previously seen mostly in adults. If a child has been diagnosed with this condition and the hip joint is affected, a hip replacement may be recommended.

Bone Cancer

Osteosarcoma is one type of bone cancer that is seen in children, although there are others that may lead to the disintegration of bones in the body. Fortunately, only a small group of children are diagnosed with either this condition or Ewing Sarcoma. An oncology specialist will need to be called in to determine the appropriate treatment. Surgery may be called for or doctors may determine that radiation and other treatments are the best courses of action. This depends on a variety of factors, and the sooner a specialist is seen, the sooner this treatment can begin.

Avascular Necrosis

When the blood supply to the hip decreases or stops completely, avascular necrosis may set in. This disruption of the blood flow may be the result of an injury, a fracture, or dislocation. Doctors typically try other treatments before turning to surgery, but this option may be called for in certain cases. The goal is to restore the blood flow to delay the surgery as long as possible, although many with this condition will need surgery at some time in their life.

Dr. Daniel C. Allison works with children suffering from these and other diseases that affect the hip. Pediatric Hip Replacement is one treatment he may recommend, but there are numerous others that could be used. This depends on the symptoms being experienced, the underlying cause, and more. To learn more, visit here or contact the office today. Parents cannot delay when it comes to their child's health, and the right doctor needs to be selected. Countless rely on Dr. Allison in this situation, and you can too.


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